Our Process


We encourage you to help us view your project outside of perceived budgetary or technological limitations.

We want to understand your vision, not just your specifications.

This is a collaborative process.

We are often able to show people ways to accomplish and/or enhance their project in ways they didn't imagine!


With the vision and parameters of your project in-hand, we begin to evaluate, organize and quantify the various aspects of your project.

We then present the project costs, segmented by major functional components.

You can then select and prioritize what you want to implement moving forward.


The vision begins to take form.

Depending upon the scale and type of project, this can include proofs, mock-ups, and prototypes.

The result is a solution that can now be implemented in code.


Build. Deploy. Build.

We develop using a "breadth first" approach. This means we get a functional version of the project working as early as possible. From there, we add functionality in layers.

This approach offers the most opportunity for feedback from you as the project progresses.


Your project is complete! Now it's time to promote, monitor and adjust.

We strive to empower all of our clients to make routine updates themselves.

For the bigger changes, we'll continue to be here to support you!

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"The big thing for me is the content management system that they provide I haven't found anywhere else. It allows people with very non-IT computer skills, who don't understand HTML code, who don't understand how webpages work, to actually manage their own webpage."
- Michael White, Director of IT for Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma