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Derrick Wallace

Why did you start Juvo?

I believe "the meaning of life" is to serve others. I have a passion and ability to use and develop technology. Others have different callings. I wanted to create a company where me and others could do what they love in an economically viable way.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I can't imagine wanting to do anything else than what I'm doing right now. I love serving people, programming, entrepreneurship and sharing Jesus with people. 

Where are you from?

I am originally from Moore, Oklahoma. I came to Stillwater to get my Computer Engineering degree at Oklahoma State University. Stillwater has been my home since 1996. 

Are you a Mac or PC guy?

I recently switched my main workstation to a Mac and it has been great! Although I'm not looking to switch, I am eager to see what Microsoft does with Windows 8.



Derrick Wallace

3910 W. 6th Ave.
Suite 220
Stillwater, OK  74074

W: 405.385.9676





"I would recommend Juvo to anyone looking for a website for their business. They really do keep the client's best interest in mind, and make sure their website is working for them to generate real value for their business."
- Niles Stuck, Lone Oak Law, Stillwater, OK