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Derrick Wallace

Why did you start Juvo?

I believe "the meaning of life" is to serve others. I have a passion and ability to use and develop technology. Others have different callings. I wanted to create a company where me and others could do what they love in an economically viable way.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I can't imagine wanting to do anything else than what I'm doing right now. I love serving people, programming, entrepreneurship and sharing Jesus with people. 

Where are you from?

I am originally from Moore, Oklahoma. I came to Stillwater to get my Computer Engineering degree at Oklahoma State University. Stillwater has been my home since 1996. 

Are you a Mac or PC guy?

I recently switched my main workstation to a Mac and it has been great! Although I'm not looking to switch, I am eager to see what Microsoft does with Windows 8.



Derrick Wallace

119 W. 7th Ave.
Stillwater, OK  74074

W: 405.334.4317





"We love having a relationship with a company that understands us. We can contact Juvo and they know who we are and what we stand for. They know what we're wanting out of our business and they understand long-term relationships."
- Keli Daniels, Co-Owner of SmallDiscovery